Hello, my name is Erick Su. I am the owner of UX/UI design studio ES Art & D. have designed websites and apps for companies across the United States (NYC to SF).
From Art to Design
I started "I <3 Erick Su's Artworks" in 2010 as a traditional artist. In 2014, I changed the studio name to "Erick Su Art & Design" when I started taking graphic design projects. July 2018, I decided to completely shift my studio focus to UX/UI design, that's when things hit home.
UX/UI Design Era
In 2018, Adobe Live followed my Behance when I posted my first UI/UX design project. In a year and a half, my followers grew from 50 to 1,700+. In 2019, I got 4 features on Behance. Adobe invited (paid) me to join them on Adobe Live, in San Fransisco, to teach people how to create UX/UI case studies. ✌️​​​​​​​I got to work with many super awesome clients. I can't wait to do more!
COVID 19  ES Art & D
In April 2020, I started designing websites for free to help with coronavirus relief. The coronavirus relief project ended in October when I lost my full-time job due to the pandemic. I decided to make ES Art & D my full-time job. One month later, Nov 6th, Facebook contacted me for a full-time design job interview. I turned down the opportunity to give my business a chance.
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Honors & Awards
2021 Behance Feature: UI/UX Gallery
2019 Behance Feature: Adobe XD Gallery x2
2019 Behance Feature: UI/UX Gallery x2
2019 Featured UX/UI designer on Adobe Live​​​​​​​
2009 Honorable Award | Bountiful Davis Art Center
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